RRB Select Choice Leather

Introducing RRB Select Choice Leather Pieces

Select choice are unique pieces of leather I’ve set aside for a special rebind. Often hides (especially bison) will have a unique section that doesn’t look like the rest of the hide. These are beautiful, unique pieces of leather. There is only one of each numbered piece.

Select choice rebind packages prices are listed with each piece. Once you’ve made a deposit on a select piece it is yours. I will put your name on it and hold it until I’m ready to rebind your Bible. You will get the exact piece of leather that you’ve reserved.

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Select Choice #001

Select Choice #001

  • Leather: Hickory Marbled Bison4
  • Grain: Deep, widely spaced grain
  • Thickness: 2mm
  • Color: Light brown to dark brown, marbled
  • Flexibility: Mildly stiff but should soften with usage
  • Liner: Best paired with classic bison for a liner
  • Bible Size: Larger Bibles (over 1 inch thick)
  • Yapp Size: 1/2″ or more
  • Finish: Matte
  • Size: Very large
  • Rebind Package Cost: $249 for any size Bible.

This section has wider smooth areas than the rest of the hide. The grain is deep with long lines extending primarily in parallel with the Shorter sides. While larger size imprinting will work, the deep grain lines will make imprinting spotty. There is a choice to have the front smoother or with deeper grain.