The grass withers, the flower fades, But the word of our God stands forever.

                                                                     – Isaiah 40:8

 Thank you for your interest in Retreasured Rebound Bibles. My name is Bradford Taliaferro – just another man who loves God’s word. I have had a deep desire for God’s Word since I was saved. Along with pastoring, preaching and teaching I wrote the Encyclopedia of English-Language Bible Versions. When I finished that years long project I refocused myself on personal reading and study. As I read, I began to wish I could repair the worn, torn and broken Bibles.

There have been many wonderful Bibles produced. The covers fulfilled their purpose – the text block was protected. Unfortunately, the covers took a beating; some have even come loose from the text block. Some older types of glue get brittle with age resulting in split spines and separated text blocks. But the wonderful translations, excellent paper and terrific printing deserve to be saved.

So I started repairing old Bibles that had minor flaws. Eventually, I realized that a great many Bibles would not get used unless they were completely rebound. That started my rebinding work. Now I provide simple, elegant Bible restoration. These Bibles are rebound – they are stripped down to the bare text block then rebuilt even better using quality materials. Rebinding by hand allows greater care and attention to detail.

I use only top quality products for rebinding. The only leather I use is genuine leather. I choose pH neutral, acid free papers and products whenever possible. Even the adhesive I use is carefully chosen. God’s Word is precious; it makes sense to use the best materials.

Finally,  these Bibles are also re-treasured (“Your word I have treasured in my heart, That I may not sin against You” – Ps 119:11, NASB). A Bible is only valuable when it is being read. God’s word belongs in the minds and hearts of His people.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss a rebind, please fill out the contact form below or email me at

If you are ready to send in your Bible, please visit the ORDER form page. May you be blessed by reading God’s precious Word!


Some of the advantages of Retreasured Rebound Bibles:

            • Genuine leather covers and liners
            • Edge lined / leather lined covers
            • Specializing in American bison leather
            • Lay flat, hollow back binding (sometimes call “Oxford Hollow”)
            • Free any size yapp
            • Free Berisfords ribbons
            • Free return shipping
            • Hardcover conversions available
            • Custom rebinding
            • Spine resewing & rebuilding available