Uncut Page

Occasionally, one will find a folded corner in a Bible.  If, when you unfold the corner, it looks like this:

Then you've got an uncut page.  In this example, the page corner was accidentally folded over after printing.  When the page edges were cut even this page wasn't cut properly because of the fold.  Uncut pages like this can be trimmed down and the Bible used normally.  The trimmed edges won't have gilt on them.

Normally when you find a problem like this the seller or publisher will exchange the Bible.  If you wish to trim it and use it just remember the publisher may not honor a guarantee after you've cut it.

Recently, I discovered one of the worst ones I've seen (unfortunately discovered after rebinding:

This page was folded before printing.  This means text is missing.  When the corner is folded back out (this one has multiple folds) you can see the blank space.

On the opposite side, it at first appeared only to be a folded corner that could be unfolded and trimmed:

But unfolding the corner revealed a real mess.  There was no simple fix for this one:

In this instance, since I had already altered the Bible, I couldn't warranty the Bible through the publisher.  I was fortunate to have another copy of the same Bible.  I elected to print out a scan of the damaged page.  This was then tipped in to the Bible.  It does not have the decorative red text but does complete the text and notes.

If you receive a new Bible with problems, it is best to contact the seller or publisher.  But if your much loved, used and read Bible has problems or damages - contact me.  I may be able to repair it for you.  you already treasure that much loved Bible; Let Retreasured Rebound Bibles fix it and rebind it for you!