Why Use Bison Leather?

Bison leather is a unique and often unknown leather.  Due to increases in wild herds as well as farm herds of bison the leather is now more plentiful.  It will never be as plentiful as cowhide but is a wonderful choice for leather Bible covers.  After my first rebind in bison leather, it immediately became my favorite.

Often referred to as Buffalo, the American Bison’s scientific name is Bison bison.  The word “Buffalo” more properly refers to Asian species such as the Water Buffalo or the African Cape Buffalo.  The American Bison is found only in North America.  Its importance was recognized in 2016 when it was named the United States Official Mammal.

Bison hides are typically not stretched.  This results in a stronger hide with wonderful, natural grain.  It also maintains the unique grain patterns of each hide.  Hides vary from one to the next – making each cover unique.  This is a supple leather that often pleasantly surprises those using it for the first time.

Usually I line Bible covers with the same bison leather as the outside cover.  This results in an even thickness that gives my covers a unique feel.  Bison leather is more plush than harsher covers yet still offers support for the text block.  It serves its purpose very well – it protects the Bible, lays flat when laid down and holds well in the hand for preaching or teaching.

Currently, I offer two types: Classic and Marbled.  The classic is softer, tighter grained leather.  It is an excellent choice for a wide variety of Bibles.  It has the most supple, unique feel;  One simply must try it!  The marbled is a bit stiffer, has a shinier surface and beautiful color variations.  It is a wonderful choice for medium to large sized Bibles.

There are many excellent choices for leather such as goatskin, calfskin and cowhide.  Bison leather adds a unique option that doesn’t carry the expense of other unusual leathers.  I would be happy to rebind your Bible in this incredible leather.  Please contact me (rrbibles@gmail.com) if you have any questions.