Packaging a Bible for Shipping

The way you package your Bible for shipping makes a huge difference.  This most likely sounds obvious to most of you!  But just to be safe, here's a picture of what not to do.  Fortunately, this was not a Bible from a rebind customer.  The seller took care of the problem and all is well.

When I ship Bibles I first place the Bible in a plastic bag for moisture resistance.  Then I wrap it in paper to prevent the pages from fanning out during shipment.  If the pages flop around you will have creases and possibly even tears.  Then I pack it in a corrugated box.  This protects the Bible very well.  If I do ship it in a flat rate bubble mailer, I either wrap it in corrugated or use a small corrugated box.  Be sure to put a packing slip inside the package.  With the bubble mailer, I affix the packing slip to the inner box.

It isn't too much trouble when shipping a custom rebound Bible!  The extra time & cost is well worth it considering the value of custom Bibles.  Plus it is a chance to recycle packing materials!